Editor’s Pick: NR on Alcindor’s Worst Bias as She Moves to NBC

On Tuesday, National Review’s media reporter Isaac Schorr covered PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor moving to NBC News to perform the same role. He highlighted how “Alcindor has built a reputation as one of the most partisan reporters in the mainstream press, using her seat in the White House briefing room as a soapbox for progressive politics, despite working for the taxpayer-funded, and ostensibly nonpartisan PBS.”

Schorr then list some of Alcindor’s worst displays of left-wing bias over years, including this recent example: “This summer, Alcindor said the debate around the Biden administration-backed For the People Act — which would have federalized America’s elections systems — was really an argument over ‘what is American democracy and who should have access to it?’ and ‘whether or not we want America to be the place that the Founders — flawed as they may have been — the Founders wanted it to be.’”

Read the full article at National Review.

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