WaPo: Stop saying “pregnant women”

The speech police at the Washington Post have issued another ruling to ensure that they are in step with all of the political correctness laws currently transforming the nation. This time they aren’t addressing issues of race or economic inequality, however. The subject this week is pregnancy and how they work that word into their reporting when required. For a long time, reporters have mentioned “a pregnant woman” or “pregnant women” where applicable. But starting now, those phrases are heading to the trash bin except in very specific circumstances. Reporters will now be expected to writepregnant individuals” because not everyone who is pregnant is a woman or something. (Daily Caller)

Updated stylebook guidance for The Washington Post told writers to say “pregnant women and other pregnant individuals” rather than just “pregnant women” in an effort “to be more inclusive.”

The paper’s Instagram team leader, Travis Lyles, posted a screenshot of the new guidance Friday afternoon on Twitter.

“While biology dictates who can become pregnant, it does not always reflect gender identity,” the guidance said. “If we say pregnant women, we exclude those who are transgender and nonbinary.”

The tweet from TravisLyles appears to have been deleted, but here’s a screen capture of it.

Screen capture from Twitter

As I mentioned above, there are a couple of exceptions to the new rule. If the writer is positive that the women (er… sorry. “Individuals”) being described all identify as women, then it’s okay to say “pregnant women.” Also, when referencing a medical study that uses the phrase, it’s acceptable to quote the study in that fashion. But otherwise, they need to write “pregnant women and other pregnant individuals.”

Even the revised text in the style guide admits “Yes, this is a bit of a mouthful.” But the instructions go on to assure the writers that it’s the only way to avoid unintentionally marginalizing someone. Heaven forbid.

If you were born with two X chromosomes and want to call yourself a man, feel free. You can call yourself a zebra if you like. It’s still a mostly free country and you can say what you like. But I have a news flash for the WaPo editorial board and anyone else retaining even a passing interest in science. Men can’t get pregnant because men don’t have ovaries, wombs, or uteri. They don’t have the required equipment to produce an egg, shelter it after it’s been fertilized, or bring a baby to term. Sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news.

Someday, historians are going to look back on the recorded journalism of this era and the generations that came before us and wonder just where the wheels came off the wagon. Or at least I hope so. Our liberal friends are so busy rewriting history at this point that everything that came before may eventually be retrofitted to comply with the new laws of political correctness.

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