Twitter spat between Marco Rubio, AOC and Sarah Palin over hard work

This particular Twitter spat started Thursday with AOC taking a shot at Project Veritas. Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe responded to that by pointing to a letter dated May in which he explained why he had decided to accept the loan, i.e. to protect the salaries of his 50 employees:

Of course, helping small businesses meet their payrolls is what the PPP loans were designed to do, but for AOC the desire to punish the right always takes precedence I guess. In any case, Sen. Marco Rubio responded to her tweet with this bit of advice:

These PPP loans were part of the CARES Act which was passed back in March. AOC denounced that bill on the House floor and then voted against it. It’s actually a bit hard to pin down how Members of Congress voted in this case because the bill was passed by a voice vote. But the Intercept went back and tried to nail down how every person voted and they gave AOC a definite NO based on statements she made in an interview with Democracy Now after the vote. Here’s what she said: “I could not bring myself to ultimately support this bill, because I believe that people will soon see the extraordinary asymmetrical assistance that went to corporations.”

AOC knew this was going to pass almost almost unanimously and since it was a voice vote no vote was recorded, but she said she did not support the bill and would have voted against it if votes had been recorded. That’s why Sen. Rubio may be hitting her about R’s & D’s working together, because she wasn’t part of that. AOC then replied to Sen. Rubio with this:

Sen. Rubio did respond to that tweet the next morning:

But getting back to Thursday, this seemed to really bother AOC and she kept tweeting about it, specifically about how much tougher she is than Republicans:

Ben Shapiro had a question about her lack of good healthcare. Keep in mind she worked as a waitress after she graduated college in 2011:

Anyway she kept going about how her work as a waitress proved how tough she was and how Republicans in her shoes would have crumbled:

For the record, I don’t think Republicans are really making fun of the fact she was a waitress. I think they’re making fun of the fact that the former waitress now seems to think she’s qualified to remake America into a socialist paradise. I don’t think anyone is saying she’s not qualified to serve drinks.

Friday, Sarah Palin stepped in and absolutely hammered AOC as part of the every-kid-gets-a-trophy generation:

Rep. Paul Mitchell also responded to AOC’s tweet about wimpy Republicans collapsing from a double shift:

AOC never apologizes, she only lectures more stridently:

She just kept going:

Of course plentiful government loans played a role in the rising costs of college but she doesn’t mention that. Plenty of people were pointing out that it’s still possible to work your way through college:

But while some people are thinking others are doing this:

So there you have it. AOC was a hard working waitress and no Republican could have done her job. I think that’s really how she sees it. And for the record, waitressing really is hard work but it’s not the only hard work. I worked as a mason tender one summer during college to make money. The crew I was on helped build the Student Center at Virginia Tech. What I can tell you is that lifting bricks 11 at a time onto scaffolding and mixing concrete by hand in the summer sun is hard work. I can still remember the masons calling out “Shake up!” It was the hardest physical work I’ve ever done in my life but I did not collapse in tears in a walk-in freezer (though a walk-in freezer would have been handy). Lots of us have worked hard at various things and AOC’s assumption that Republicans don’t know what that’s like is offensive and dumb.

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