Trend: Sweet results from another PA bakery’s presidential cookie poll

It looks like presidential cookie polls are popular with bakery customers this year. Some bakeries traditionally hold their own polls by selling sugar cookies iced with the logos or faces of the Republican and Democrat candidates. It’s a fun marketing gimmick that brings in customer traffic and delivers a boost in sales.

Last weekend I wrote about Lochel’s Bakery just north of Philadelphia. Like Lochel’s, Oakmont Bakery in Oakmont, Pennsylvania is finding that presidential cookies are a popular item. Co-owner Tony Serrao says the bakery has been baking and selling presidential cookies for 20 years. Lochel’s Bakery spelled out Trump 2020 and Biden 2020 in the icing but Oakmont Bakery decorates the sugar cookies with the faces of the two candidates. Some customers tell him they buy the cookies just for the satisfaction of biting off the candidate’s head. While Lochel’s Bakery has bragging rights to accurately predicting the winner of the presidential race for the last three elections, Oakmont has a mixed record.

“We have people who come in and say, ‘I’m going to buy a dozen of those just so I can bite his head off.’ We don’t care what you do with them,” said Mark Serrao, the owner of Oakmont Bakery.

It’s a tradition for this family-owned business, baking cookies with the candidates’ faces. Whoever sells the most “unofficially” wins the race.

“In 2012, President Obama and Mitt Romney ran and Mitt Romney won by about 10 percent at the bakery. Obviously, that wasn’t accurate,” said Serrao.

Since this is 2020 and everything is crazy, including the presidential race, Serrao wasn’t sure that carrying on the tradition was such a good idea this year. His son convinced him that the tradition must continue. As of last Friday, President Trump was well ahead of Joe Biden.

“They’re cookies. We want to make some fun out of it and let people enjoy them,” said Tony Serrao, co-owner of Oakmont Bakery.

The cookies of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are flying off the baking sheets. Oakmont Bakery has sold more than 3,000 of the cookies since they started baking them this week, and they are posting the results on social media.”

“As of today, we sold 779 of Biden, 2,463 of Trump,” said Mark Serrao.

How do they keep track of individual cookie sales for the tally? There’s a button for that.

“Our, POS system, which keeps track of everything that we sell, it has a button for Trump cookie and it has a button for the Biden cookie. And it tallies every one that’s sold, no matter whether they’re sold in dozens or by the piece. It keeps track of every one. So, we just run a report every day,” said owner Marc Serrao.

There have been mixed comments on the bakery’s Facebook page in the comments section when pictures of the cookies are posted. Just like the electorate, opinions are split between those who approve and those who do not.

The bakery, however, posted a disclaimer that states that it has no political opinion. The cookie poll is just for fun. The cookies cost 24 dollars a dozen.

Oakmont Bakery has no political opinion. We have been making presidential election cookies for 20+ years. Our staff is like our family. We are a very diverse group of people with many different views and opinions, who care deeply for each other and respect each other. Many of us are involved in the marketing and production of the election cookies. The cookie poll is a fun way of encouraging our customers to enjoy the season. Our intention is never to offend anyone or cause division. We respectfully ask that you keep your comments as tasteful as our cookies.

The updated results of the cookie poll were posted on the bakery’s Twitter account yesterday. The sales of Trump cookies are still well ahead of Biden cookies.

Trump is the winner in other poll sales in bakeries across the country. Some bakeries are selling cookies, others sell cupcakes.

No matter how the cookie crumbles, it’s all just for fun. The scolds should stop and take a breath. Getting upset over a cookie is silly, especially when both political parties are represented.

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