The cast of ‘Veep’ to reunite for a Biden/Harris fundraiser

Selina Meyer wants you to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Actress and political activist Julia Louis-Dreyfus desperately wants President Trump out of the White House. Selina Meyer was the character she played in the HBO series, Veep. The cast is getting together to raise money for the Harris/Biden ticket in Wisconsin.

This is a pattern with the Democrat Party of Wisconsin now. The party first had the idea to raise money off a cast reunion because a staffer had a longtime friendship with a member of The Princess Bride cast. The cast reunion for that cult favorite held a virtual fundraiser for the state party. Wisconsin is an important swing state and the state Democrats are hoping to find some enthusiasm for Sleepy Joe and Kamala by using Hollywood celebrities to garner some attention. The cast of Parks and Recreation reunited to benefit the Wisconsin Democrats, too.

A cast reunion of The West Wing came together with Michelle Obama’s get out the vote initiative in support of Black Lives Matter.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, you might remember, hosted one night of the Democrat National Convention. She was hailed by liberals for her performance. From just the little amount of time I saw of her that night, she underwhelmed me with her stiff demeanor and lame jokes. Nonetheless, she fancies herself a part of the national political discourse and so it isn’t surprising that she is jumping on the bandwagon to help out Wisconsin Democrats.

“All roads to the White House go through the great state of Wisconsin. Trump can’t win re-election if he doesn’t win Wisconsin,” the actress said. “The future of democracy is on the line, people!”

One commenter argued that Trump doesn’t have to win Wisconsin to win the election. Dreyfus’ job isn’t to count Electoral College votes, it’s to motivate the base to send in some money and go vote.

The show ended last year after seven seasons, from 2012 to 2019. This will be the cast’s first reunion. “Surprise special guests” are promised.

This will mark the cast’s first reunion since the series concluded last year. Joining Louis-Dreyfus will be stars Anna Chlumsky, Reid Scott, Sam Richardson, Tony Hale, Timothy Simons, Clea DuVall, and Matt Walsh, along with showrunner David Mandel and surprise special guests. Fans can view the virtual reunion, which will be livestreamed Sunday, Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. ET, by making a donation of any amount.

It makes sense to garner attention with a show like Veep, a political satire, because of the political theme. The Princess Bride cast and Parks and Recreation cast were chided for politicizing their reunions. A show that was all about politics just makes for a better choice, if it must come out as a fundraising vehicle for one party over another. No one has ever questioned the political leanings of Julia Louis-Dreyfus or other members of the cast. The same was true of the The West Wing reunion announcement. It, too, was all about politics.

Hollywood has gone all-in for this election cycle, more so than previous years. Readings of the Muller Report and movies have been produced to work against Trump’s re-election. And there are plenty of books that have been published to attack Trump, too. The liberal bubble that Hollywood liberals live in, though, isn’t real America. People in states that aren’t on either coast don’t pay much attention to endorsements made by celebrities. Celebrities rallying around a Democrat candidate is not news. California Senator Kamala Harris didn’t even hang around in the Democrat primary long enough to see any delegates go her way, much less California voters. She was a dud of a candidate, despite the best efforts of liberal women reporters trying to make her into a star.

Unlike Hillary Clinton in 2016, President Trump is paying attention to Wisconsin voters. He travels there to keep enthusiasm up. Sleepy Joe and Kamala have made a trip to the state to capitalize on the shooting of a black man who allegedly sexually assaulted the mother of his children just before that.

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