Sunday morning talking heads

The first set of Sunday shows after Labor Day will be chockablock with election talk, although minus any A-list guests as I write this on Saturday morning. It’s a battle of the flacks instead. On “This Week,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller and Biden advisor Symone Sanders will get their licks in. Across the dial on “Fox News Sunday,” it’ll be Biden aide Jake Sullivan and Trump advisor Steve Cortes.

Watch out for RNC chief Ronna McDaniel too, as she’ll have some heavy lifting to do spin-wise. Question one: What the hell happened to Trump’s gigantic fundraising advantage over Biden? Is the situation really so dire that the president can’t afford to run ads in key swing states right now? Question two: How does she justify Trump telling Bob Woodward in March, on tape, that he’s downplaying the threat from COVID? She’ll be on “Meet the Press” to face the music.

Also on “Meet the Press”: Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who’s hawking a new anti-Trump book about the president and Russia. And Trump economic advisor Peter Navarro will drop by “State of the Union” to offer his prognosis for the economy now that a new round of coronavirus stimulus relief has stalled in Congress and to explain, uh, what exactly his damage is. The full line-up is at the AP.

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