Streisand on Amy Coney Barrett: She will “set the country back decades”

Hey, I wonder what Barbra Streisand thinks about Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court? said no one ever.The aging singer and political pundit posted her opinion on Twitter Sunday morning. She’s not a fan of President Trump’s choice.

Barbra Streisand and other liberal feminists of her age group often sound as though they are stuck in the 1970s. In the case of Streisand, she is quick to deliver standard Democrat talking points as though they are facts not to be questioned. She began her tweet by calling President Trump “spiteful” which seems odd. That’s the word she chose to use. Spite has nothing to do with Trump’s choice – it’s all about politics and securing a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Did she think he’d nominate a liberal? His nominee is the “polar opposite of RBG”, Babs, and she is an excellent choice. Conservatives are very excited about this unexpected development just as the clock is running out on Trump’s first term in office.

Liberals, especially liberal women, always go straight for the abortion issue. This time they are including their zeal for the issue into their fear of losing the Obamacare lawsuit before the Supreme Court set to be heard when the new court session begins. Thus the hyperbole – she will set the country back for decades. This is said every time a conservative judge is nominated and every time, Roe v Wade remains unchanged. That ruling, which many of us think was made unconstitutionally, hasn’t changed since 1971.

The legality of abortion isn’t so easy to overturn, though, as Senator Mike Lee said Sunday. He said that one issue can’t be the only reason to vote in favor of a nominee, her record is the important factor.

“You know, only time can tell what will happen to any one precedent,” he said.

“In any event, you can’t look at the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice and boil down that jurist’s contribution to the law, past and future, to what they might do with a single case,” he added.

The Utah Republican added that “overruling a precedent” is “a lot more complicated than people might think.”

Can ACB be the deciding factor once she is the ninth justice? It’s unclear at this point but she is on the record of saying abortion is “always immoral”. She does have what the left calls an “anti-abortion rights judicial record”. CBS reports that she ruled in favor of restriction on access to abortion twice and goes on to quote an “anti-abortion political group” in favor of ACB’s nomination. ACB ruled in favor of parental notification when a minor is attempting to get an abortion. She joined dissenters in a case . that regulated the fetal remains from abortion procedures. And she dissented in another case that would have banned abortions for reasons related to sex, race, or disability. The majority, in that case, found that the restriction limited a patient’s ability to receive an abortion prior to fetal viability.

During her three years on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, she has already ruled on two abortion-related cases, both times favoring restrictions on access to abortion.

“She is the perfect combination of brilliant jurist and a woman who brings the argument to the court that is potentially the contrary to the views of the sitting women justices,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion rights political group, in an emailed statement to CBS News.

Planned Parenthood issued a statement.

“Barrett’s history of hostility toward reproductive health and rights, expanded health care access, and more demonstrate that she will put Justice Ginsburg’s long record of ensuring that everyone receives equal justice under the law at risk,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, Planned Parenthood’s president, in a statement emailed to CBS News following Barrett’s nomination on Saturday.

President Trump frequently refers to himself as the most pro-life president ever. He has certainly been consistent on the issue and ACB will join two other pro-life Trump appointments to the Supreme Court.

Other celebrities have weighed in with their hot takes on ACB, too.

Remember the show Frasier? Here is one of the cast offering a kind of puzzling opinion:

And there have been some standard Hollywood tweets. Poor Debra Messing’s world is collapsing, apparently.

A West Wing cast member would like for Kamala to “filet” ACB.

Someone should check on Cher.

And one more, this one for the older folks.

Nice work, President Trump. GOP voters will, in fact, remember in November.

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