Something is missing in the busy streets of Kabul

You’ve probably heard by now that the Taliban has turned over a new leaf. Instead of the old, ultraconservative Taliban, this new lot is open to having women work in public service. Why, they’re practically moderates. But despite these assurances, CNN reports that something has changed on the busy streets of Kabul. There are almost no women visible in public.

There are almost no women here. Since the Taliban took over the Afghan capital on Sunday, women have largely stayed indoors.

The Taliban has repeatedly said that women’s rights will be protected under their rule, but it is clear that many Afghan women are terrified by the prospect of life under the Taliban…

“I’m thinking about my future, my daughters, what will happened to them if they kill me — two daughters without a mother,” one woman told CNN…

For one clothing store in central Kabul, the Taliban takeover has meant a boost for business; Its owner told CNN he has sold many burqas in recent days.

For obvious reasons, the women in Kabul are terrified. Last week, many of them were living relatively modern lives with jobs and uncovered faces. Now they are aware they could be beaten or worse just for their past transgressions not to mention anything they might do in the present moment. Most have clearly decided not to risk it. Better to stay home, at least until it’s clear what the new rules are.

As for the Taliban’s commitment to women’s rights, well the caveat as Jazz pointed out earlier is “according to Shariah law.” That means women must dress modestly, which certainly means no makeup and very little exposed skin. Burqas may not be explicitly required by the Koran but in practice that’s probably where this winds up.

There’s a video clip circulating on Twitter today. I’m not actually sure when this was filmed but it shows a woman reporter interviewing a group of Taliban leaders. She asks if there will be rights for women and democracy under the Taliban. They reply there will be Sharia law. She then asks if that means women could be elected to leadership positions. Watch for the Taliban response:

Finally, there’s one more person who is very concerned about the situation. Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the face by a Taliban gunman in Pakistan in 2012 said, “I am deeply concerned about the situation in Afghanistan right now, especially about the safety of women and girls there.” “Biden has a lot to do,” she adds. But Biden just got done telling us he’s not doing anything else for the Afghans. He can’t even guarantee the safety of American citizens in the country right now so Afghan women are on their own.

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