Joe Biden’s “please clap” moment arrived at the Coast Guard commencement

Joe Biden traveled to New London, Connecticut to deliver the commencement address at the United States Coast Guard Academy. It was his first commencement address since becoming president. Biden experienced his first of what likely will be many ‘please clap’ moments.

Biden was making some lame jokes to loosen up the crowd, as he often does, and the graduates weren’t exactly rolling in the aisles with laughter. At one point he chastises them for not clapping and asks if maybe the sun is getting to them.

What a guy. They weren’t laughing and clapping because they were probably too busy trying to unstick their eyes from the backs of their heads. Give ’em a break, Gramps. They just want to get the ceremony over with and get to the celebrations afterward. Imagine calling them dull. That’s the ticket. Decorum and manners are instilled in them during training. Maybe Joe could go get a refresher course.

Biden made a point to commend both the graduates and their parents.

During his speech, he congratulated the graduates and also commended the parents.

“You raised these cadets to be fierce patriots,” Biden said, then told the cadets to stand up and salute their parents.

Bumps on their heads. Killer material, Joe. He noted the difficulties experienced during the pandemic and said that holding the ceremony was a victory in itself. What he didn’t do was acknowledge former President Trump for his diligence in pursuing Operation Warp Speed to fruition which makes every bit of normalcy possible this year. And, of course, there was the bumbling acknowledgment of the women class members. Identity boxes were checked.

He commended the cadets for how they worked together and said the pandemic made it more important.

Being together to celebrate graduation was a victory in and of itself, the president said.

There is not a single thing this country cannot do when we work together, Biden told the graduates.

Biden said around one-third of the class is women and the country needs more women at the highest levels of command.

Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas received a shout-out from Biden at the beginning of his remarks. He said that Mayorkas understands the importance of the Coast Guard in its role in homeland security. Too bad the same cannot be said for the Biden administration since they don’t seem to think a secure southern border is a high priority.

The ceremony wasn’t open to the public and precautions were taken in consideration for the coronavirus. Social distancing and face masks were in place as well as a limit on the number of guests.

I’ll end with this, which is what we all think about when an audience is asked to clap. It’s a classic reference now to politicians who are underwhelming an audience.

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