Is Sen. Sinema planning to run for president?

If you scan the wasteland of righteous anger that is Twitter today, you’ll see lots and lots of people lashing out at Sen. Sinema over her refusal to bypass the filibuster so Democrats can pass a voting rights bill. Here’s a small sample:

Rubin called her speech a “moral disgrace.”

O’Donnell just call it “stupid.”

Joy Reid added that it was smug.

Apparently, comparing her and Manchin to Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis didn’t count as negative.

For Democrats, Occam’s razor means assuming your opponent is racist because that’s always the simplest explanation.

Democrats were trying to out-extreme one another in their denunciations.

And of course there was lots of talk about primaries to come.

But one activist claimed to have the inside scoop on why Sen. Sinema is so willing to risk a primary challenge. According to Amy Siskind, an unnamed source told her Sinema plans to run for president.

Finally, she gets to the big reveal.

She might toe the line but she won’t tow the line. In any case, Siskind says believes she can beat Trump in 2024.

Is there any truth to this? I wish I knew but at first glance it sounds a bit far-fetched. If Sinema believes she’ll struggle to win re-election in Arizona, why would she assume she could run as a Democrat and win nationwide? Arizona is much friendlier to maverick politicians willing to buck their party than, say, California or New York, two states she’d need to win as a Democrat.

Of course it’s possible I’m misreading tweet #7. Maybe Siskind is saying Sinema plans to run in the GOP primary against Trump? I’m actually not sure what she means. Neither option sounds very likely.

But things could look a lot different in two years than they do now. Republicans might control the House and Senate. Biden could rebound or ongoing inflation could have him stuck in the low 30% approval range. And not to be indelicate but Biden will be 81 years old in 2024 and Trump will be 78. There’s no way to know for sure if either of them will be able to run a difficult campaign for more than a year. So it does seem possible to me that this could become a race between two other candidates most people aren’t focused on right now. I guess we’ll have to wait another 12-18 months to see if Sinema makes any big announcements about her future plans.

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