“Chumps”: Angry Joe Biden trashes Trump supporters during Pennsylvania rally

When Joe Biden entered the presidential race, he did so because he said he wants to bring back civility and unite Americans. However, as we see regularly, Biden has anger management issues. He lashes out at President Trump and his supporters in a way that is neither civil nor unifying. Saturday during a drive-in rally in Pennsylvania, Biden had a real “basket of deplorables” moment.

Biden’s campaign strategy consists of doing interviews with local news markets and random podcasts while remaining in his basement as much as possible. There is little interaction with journalists assigned to cover his campaign. Just recently, Biden began to do some campaign rallies. His campaign rallies are not traditional campaign rallies, though. Team Biden organizes drive-in rallies in parking lots. Up to four people are allowed to occupy a vehicle and each vehicle is parked in a socially distanced space. It is very 2020 and it is ridiculous. Instead of applause from his supporters, they honk their horns to show approval for whatever word salad he is serving up.

Biden usually stays close to home. He did a drive-in rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday which also brought out a crowd of Trump supporters. They gathered in a parking lot across from the parking lot for the Biden rally. The enthusiastic Trump supporters were making some noise, shouting and honking their horns. Grumpy Gramps didn’t appreciate the interruption and he lashed out at them. He did so by calling them “chumps”. Hillary Clinton likes to call Trump supporters “baskets of deplorables”, you know. This was a deplorables moment for Biden.

“We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphones, those Trump guys,” he told supporters ensconced in about 130 cars at a drive-in rally at Bucks County Community College in Newtown.

He was referring to scores of fans of President Trump, driving pickup trucks and SUVs draped with American flags and campaign banners, who invaded a nearby parking lot — within earshot of the candidate — to honk horns and try to shout the Democrat down.

Biden only spoke for about 25 minutes. Hillary Clinton won Bucks County by less than one percent in 2016. It is a crucial swing county in Pennsylvania. During the short, small rally, Biden brought up foreign sources of money as it pertains to the president, not his son, Hunter. He pointed a finger at Trump as “the only guy any of us have known as president who’s making money from foreign sources.” That’s a bold move for a 78-year-old career politician who has been caught (allegedly) with his hand in the Chinese cookie jar. What kind of man helps his son make deals with foreign countries and demands a kickback for his trouble, allegedly? If the stories are true, Biden shakes down his own son for foreign money. It is curious how a career politician, a federal employee, can afford such a posh lifestyle, with at least two homes and a beach house. He was a senator and then vice-president. His wife teaches at a community college.

Did Joe Biden forget the Bill Clinton years? How about the Obama years when Hillary and Bill were receiving lots of foreign money through their foundation while she was Secretary of State?

The fact is that Joe Biden enjoys the luxury of the press touting him as a nice guy, Middle-Class Joe, but it’s a farce. The reporters covering his campaign haven’t asked any challenging questions of him when they are allowed to even ask questions. He holds press conferences and doesn’t take questions. Before he began to hide out at home during the pandemic, he would become angry on the campaign trail when a voter challenged him on an issue. He called them names (C’mon, Fat.) and challenged them to push-up contests. It’s a very odd way to bring people to his side. He said more than once that he’d like to punch Trump – take him out behind the school gym, or something. If his real reason for running for president is to bring back civility in public service, why is he so ugly in his speech and aggressive in his physical threats?

When Biden resorted to name-calling about Trump supporters making noise across the street, he seems to have veered off his teleprompter script. He was saying that “I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do,” as he often does. He channels his best Obama imitation but it always falls flat. We lived through eight years of Obama saying that and not delivering, in fact, many of us think that he divided America so much that it ushered in a Trump presidency. Biden will say anything to get elected. As President Trump pointed out during the last debate, Biden is a typical politician – all talk, no action.

Biden is desperate to clean up a big mistake he made during the last debate when he admitted he will do his best to destroy the oil and gas industry. Biden needs Pennsylvania voters to win and this subject is important to them. Biden came out on the wrong side of it. Energy industry workers remember the Obama years and the way that administration worked against the industry at every turn.

Joe Biden has no energy and he couldn’t even last for the entirety of the last debate against Trump. Biden was fading and it showed just an hour into it. Trump, in contrast, is like the Energizer bunny. He is holding several rallies a day and traveling from state to state though he is recently recovered from the coronavirus. Biden, by contrast, is treated like a hot house flower. There were only about 130 cars at Biden’s drive-in rally. A member of Team Trump thinks there were more Trump supporters across the street.

There are only nine days left until Election Day. We’ll see if Sleepy Joe can last long enough to cross the finish line.

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