Biden: Yes, I still think the stories about Hunter were Russian disinformation

An outrageous reply that raises an important unanswered question:

What exactly is a “one-horse pony”?

It raises another important question too. Is Sleepy Joe really going to respond this glibly to inquiries about a DOJ investigation of his son which we now know for a fact is happening? Watch, then read on.

The obvious follow-up that should be asked at his next presser is which part of the reporting on Hunter is “Russian disinformation,” exactly. It’s not the fact that the feds are looking at his taxes. Hunter himself has told us that’s true. It’s not whether the feds have a laptop belonging to Hunter in their possession. That also appears to be accurate.

And it’s not the possibility that Hunter is involved in money laundering. That *was* investigated by the feds according to the New York Times and was dropped at some point, although a CNN report published a few weeks ago hinted that the DOJ might be looking at more than just taxes in their current probe of Hunter.

Which part is Russian disinformation, then?

It’s obnoxious that Biden continues to be so dismissive of questions about Hunter. Everyone understands that it’s awkward for him; everyone accepts that he’s going to give the occasional bland “I love my son” non-response. He’s within his rights to say, “I can’t comment since I don’t want to influence the investigation in any way. The Justice Department has total independence on this matter.” In fact, that’s the ethically appropriate response. What’s not ethical is him casting aspersions on the potential charges by laughingly agreeing with the premise that this is all still just disinformation. That’s going to end up encouraging Democrats to believe this is a politically motivated probe when in fact Bill Barr took care not to let the matter become public during the campaign despite intense pressure on him from Trump to do so.

Former Bush ethics lawyer and strident Trump critic Richard Painter made the case a few weeks ago that a special counsel should be appointed to investigate Hunter. It’s hard to disagree, especially with the president-elect scoffing publicly at the claims like he did here. I wonder if Trump might have his eye on Scott Brady, the current U.S. Attorney based in Pittsburgh, for the position. Brady met with Rudy Giuliani earlier this year at Barr’s behest to see what sort of evidence he’d gathered about Hunter’s business in Ukraine. He was also sufficiently aggressive in asking the FBI to interview people about it that the Bureau reportedly objected and asked for a meeting in Washington to explain its qualms. Brady is all but guaranteed to step down on January 20 when Trump leaves office, as he reportedly once said as an assistant prosecutor under Bush 43 that he’d never serve under a Democrat. Trump could ask him to resign a few weeks early and then ask Jeffrey Rosen to appoint him special counsel in the Biden matter — or make the appointment himself if Rosen resists. Stay tuned.

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