WATCH: 5 Public School Teachers Who Lost Their Minds Over COVID

COVID-19 and government-induced lockdowns provided a massive pressure test for America’s education system. 

Though they certainly do not represent the attitudes or behaviors of others in their profession, there are several instances of public school teachers losing their cool over COVID-related incidents. In many cases, their behavior confirms Candace Owens’ point during the most recent episode of Candace: “Growing up, the homeschool kids were weird. In the future, people who go to public schools are going to be the weird ones.”

Here are five examples.

“You little dink”

A high school teacher in Wisconsin went viral after she berated a vaccinated student for taking off his mask to eat in the classroom.

“I don’t care if you’re vaccinated, you little dink. I don’t want to get sick and die. There’s other people you can infect, just because you’re vaccinated,” she said in a video posted to TikTok.

The teacher soon began insulting the student on his social status and personality.

“You should hear about how everyone talks about you around here. You’re a jerk!” she said. “You’re a jerk and you need to have respect for other people in your life. You’re not a big man on campus — quit walking around here like you have a stick up your butt.”

School administrators are investigating the incident; until they reach a conclusion, the teacher “has been put on administrative leave.”

Radio host and commentator Jesse Kelly made a similar point as DeAngelis: “Get your kids out of government schools.”

“We’re angry at you”

A high school teacher in Michigan publicly condemned the district’s school board for allegedly failing to take his advice on COVID-19 seriously. 

“You’re listening to them. They don’t know what happens in our classrooms. They’re not there,” said the teacher while gesturing to the audience. “And neither are you.”

The teacher was reportedly upset about the school system’s relaxing of COVID-19 protocols: “I sent you an email months ago expressing my concern about our full ‘face-to-face’ return. And I didn’t get a single response from any of you.”

“We’re not angry about the situation. We can’t control COVID,” he continued. “We’re angry at you!” 

The teacher denied the ability of the school board to make qualified decisions on behalf of the district’s students: “I have ten years of experience. Two post-graduate degrees in education. I’m a licensed K-12 administrator. And a district-level department chair. I’m more qualified to make educational decisions for our students.”

As Cato Institute senior fellow Corey DeAngelis quipped, the teacher created some “free advertising for school choice.”

“I hope you both die a long, painful death”

Students filmed a teacher in New Jersey insulting them for their use of a public park.

As a group of teenagers played football, one of their teachers exclaimed, “Park’s closed!”

“You will get arrested if the cops come,” she continues.

“Wait, can we go over there?” asks a student.

“Park’s closed!” shouts the teacher again. “The whole area.”

“Get it through your thick head!” she continues. “You are the reason we are in this situation. You are the problem, not the solution. Go ahead, keep recording. Who are you going to show it to? Post me on social media. You’re the idiot doing the wrong thing. I’m just trying to save your ass and save your life.”

“But die, OK? I hope both of you get the coronavirus. I hope you both die a long, painful death.”

“I am going off”

A California teacher ranted about her students’ parents in another viral video.

“If your parent wants to come talk to me about how I’m not doing a good enough job in distance learning, based on what you need as an individual, just dare them to come at me,” she tells students over Zoom. “Because I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job. I have never once gone to a doctor’s appointment and tried to tell my medical health provider how to treat me. You know why? Because I know nothing about that. I didn’t get my degree in medicine.”

“I am going off, I’m sorry,” she continued. “This is my ‘go off’ period.”

Announcing that the teacher would be placed on paid leave while an investigation is conducted, administrators stated that they were “deeply concerned about the recent videos that have surfaced regarding one of our employees.”

“This is a matter that we take very seriously and it is receiving our highest scrutiny,” said the district’s spokeswoman.

“Kill yourself”

A teacher in Oregon took time to shout profanities at a crowd of anti-lockdown protesters.

“Bi***! Kill yourself,” she shouts from the driver’s seat of her car. “I will f***ing kick your ass. I work in a school.”

“F*** you. I am a teacher. I teach students,” she continues. “My students’ families are dying.”

“Biden f***ing won!” she added before giving two middle fingers to the protesters and speeding away.

Without mentioning the school at which she works, administrators told local media that the teacher had been placed on leave.

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