Stella Parton: ‘Women In America Are Being Treated Worse Than Women In Afghanistan’

On Wednesday night, country music star Stella Parton, who had a string of hits including 1975’s “I Want To Hold You In My Dreams Tonight” and is the sister of the iconic country music star Dolly Parton, pontificated that American women are treated worse than women in Afghanistan.

She tweeted, “Don’t you find it odd that women in America are being treated worse than women in Afghanistan? We wasted 2 trillion dollars plus to go into Afghanistan to liberate their women and children? Something ain’t right here folks. Are you catching on yet?”

For Parton’s edification, here’s what the State Department wrote in 2001 regarding the Taliban’s history with women when they ruled Afghanistan between 1996-2001:

Under Taliban rule, women were given only the most rudimentary access to health care and medical care, thereby endangering the health of women, and in turn, their families. In most hospitals, male physicians could only examine a female patient if she were fully clothed, ruling out the possibility of meaningful diagnosis and treatment. These Taliban regulations led to a lack of adequate medical care for women and contributed to increased suffering and higher mortality rates. …

In May 2001, the Taliban raided and temporarily closed a foreign-funded hospital in Kabul because male and female staff allegedly mixed in the dining room and operating wards. It is significant to note that approximately 70% of health services had been provided by international relief organizations — further highlighting the Taliban’s general disregard for the welfare of the Afghan people.

Tom Tugendhat, the British chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee stated this week:

It’s absolutely clear that groups who make up the Taliban … have been rounding up people in Lashkar Gah and Kandahar and hunting them down in Kabul and killing them. Universities are being closed … women are being denied access to education; girls are being denied access to education, and civil servants, female civil servants, are being sent home. What we’re seeing is a slick PR operation masking a vicious death cult.

Parton was slammed on social media:

Author Chad Felix Greene, simply and bluntly: “So, this is a lie.”

Red State Editor Joe Cunningham delineated the many ways in which Parton was misguided about the comparison of the status of American women and women in Afghanistan:

Women are allowed to go outside. They are allowed to work. They are allowed to drive. They are allowed to get contraceptives. They are allowed to make healthcare choices for themselves. The only thing that is being stifled right now is the right to take the life of another. Women in America are allowed to have political opinions. They are allowed to have sex outside of marriage without being stoned to death for it. In America, women are even allowed to become men. Try doing that in Afghanistan. Try doing any of that under the thumb of the Taliban.

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