Matt Walsh Launches New Book Tackling Trans Agenda Targeting Children

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh announced Monday his new children’s book, titled, “Johnny the Walrus,” live on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Walsh, a leading opponent of the transgender agenda targeting children, tackles the serious issue in a fun and important book.

“Johnny is a little boy with a big imagination,” the book’s description reads. “One day he pretends to be a big scary dinosaur, the next day he’s a knight in shining armor or a playful puppy. But when the internet people find out Johnny likes to make-believe, he’s forced to make a decision between the little boy he is and the things he pretends to be — and he’s not allowed to change his mind.”

The book is tagged as a “timely tale of innocence, identity, and imagination.”

The Daily Wire

“It’s all about a child,” Walsh told Carlson on Monday. “He’s very imaginative and pretends to be different things. … And one day, he pretends to be a walrus.”

“Unfortunately, his (Johnny’s) mother is very progressive,” the author explains. She gets convinced by the internet “to raise her child as a walrus — as a sort of trans-walrus, respecting his ‘self-identity.’”

The mother in the story “starts to learn … just because your child is pretending to be something, doesn’t mean he actually is that.”

Not only is your child not a walrus because he says he is, Walsh said, “the book might also draw other comparisons, like maybe if a young boy says that he’s a girl, it doesn’t mean that he actually is a girl.”

“See, the point here is that biology is not malleable, it’s not relative, it’s an objective reality.”

Carlson, who has read the book, told his viewers, “Not only is it true, it is really, really funny.”

“You’re gonna wanna buy six copies for Christmas,” the Fox News host added. “Trust us, it’s worth it.”

You can purchase the book, here.


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