Interview: Attack ‘Woke Cultural Nonsense’: Chip Roy Details Republican Path To Success In 2022

Texas GOP Representative Chip Roy named six priorities that he said Republicans should focus on in 2022 to win “the hearts and minds of Americans” in an interview with The Daily Wire. 

Roy said that, while much of the talk heading into 2022 has centered on the midterm elections and Republicans retaking the majority, that Republicans should instead lead on critical issues and combatting Biden’s agenda. 

“Especially in a year where Democrats are nakedly incompetent and irresponsibly damaging our country, its facially obvious that the Democrat agenda is undermining our national security, undermining our border security, undermining the health and well-being of the United States, endangering people’s lives, favoring the wealthy and the corporate class over the working class,” he said. 

He had criticism for some of his Republican colleagues as well saying that it was “ridiculous” that several “saddled up with Pelosi” to give life to Biden’s infrastructure bill. 

“I am not interested in passing any of these quislings, little minor, useless suspension calendar BS pieces of legislation that half the Republicans whine and bellyache about. I’m interested in actually fighting the fight that the American people want us to fight for them, which is to live in a free country that’s fiscally responsible and has a limitedly used but strong military, and then [a government that] gets the hell out of people’s way,” he said. 

Discussing his decision to vote against spending for ALS research, he said that he was tired of “gutless” and “cowardly” Republicans campaigning on limited spending, but getting in Congress and voting for spending increases. He slammed everyone voting to keep increasing the national debt.  

“We are $30 trillion dollars in debt because these incompetent a**holes keep spending money we don’t have, and I’m tired of it,” Roy said. 

Instead of spending more money, the Texas Republican listed six priorities he said the GOP should pursue: border security, fiscal responsibility, healthcare freedom, strong but limited military, law and order, and ending “woke cultural nonsense.” 

Regarding the border, Roy argued that securing it shouldn’t be a debate and that he didn’t want to hear complaints from labor and the Chamber of Commerce. “No. Shut your piehole and secure the border,” he said. 

Discussing spending, he said that Americans would lose the Republic if the budget was not brought back under control. He said that it was time to get “middlemen and corporate junkies” out of the way to free up healthcare. 

Roy also said that Republicans should support a strong, but “sparingly” used military and return security to American streets by supporting law and order. 

He said that Republicans should “end critical race theory, end cheap diversity officers, end every single division or department in the United States government that has anything to do with race, get rid of it.” 

One area where he said there might be some bipartisan interest is looking at the power and scope of big corporations like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. 

“If an entity is trying to hide behind 230, and they’re making editorial decisions, that is a real issue that we got to look at, and we have to look at the size and scope and power of these companies under antitrust,” he said. 

In the meantime, he recommended that  Americans “stay off social media, it’s a disaster, it’s the devil.”

“COVID has exposed a lot of garbage that heretofore was going unseen by a lot of the American people. An education system that’s corrupt and teaching our kids that America’s evil. A healthcare system that is corrupt, and big corporations are making decisions for you and your family’s healthcare. A border that is wide open,” the congressman told The Daily Wire.  

“The underlying fundamentals of this country remain strong and great,” Roy said, adding that people are tired of the “absolute incompetence” coming out of a “broken Washington”

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