HAWORTH: Biden Doesn’t Think You Deserve To Know Because He Doesn’t Work For You

The Democrats are like children losing a board game. Rather than evaluating how their actions and decisions lead to their impending defeat, they choose from one of two preferable strategies. The first is to kick, scream, and throw the game onto the ground, otherwise known as the “peaceful protest” strategy. The second is slightly more mature  though not by much  and involves attempting to change the rules of the game so that, miraculously, they become the winners.

This second strategy is what is at play behind the Democrats’ attempt to undermine and derail the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. Given that they view the judicial branch as a second legislative branch, and therefore a roadblock to “progress,” the replacement of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a textualist would be a sizable blow. They already stomped their feet and gnashed their teeth in 2018 when they promoted unsubstantiated accusations of gang rape during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Now they have two remaining options: play the game, or change the game.

This is where the suddenly fluid phrase “packing the court” comes in. Multiple Democrats, including Joe Biden and his eager replacement Kamala Harris, have refused to answer the simple yes/no question, “Will you pack the Supreme Court?” When it became obvious that simply running away wasn’t an option, with even the Leftist media raising a few eyebrows, the “rule changing” had to become a little more complex.

Next, it was the “I’m not, you are” routine. “We’re not packing the court, because the conservatives are packing the court!” This absurd argument has been pushed by Kamala Harris, among others, claiming that the Republicans are “cheating” by simply existing. Remember, following the text of the Constitution and filling vacant court seats “isn’t fair,” yet another childish attitude to an “unfair” reality.

Now, this is obviously ridiculous. It is immature, cynical, and ultimately embarrassing to witness. However, there is a deeper lesson to take from this court packing saga, unearthed by the ever-declining Biden. When asked again whether he will attempt to add additional Supreme Court justices, and “don’t the voters deserve to know” his position, his reply was stunning.

“No they don’t.”

It’s important to understand just how deplorable this viewpoint is. Don’t be distracted by the childish tantrums of Democrats or cynical attempts to redefine what court packing means. This statement from Biden isn’t even about the Supreme Court. It speaks to the fundamental attitude of those who seek power over all else.

Politicians are, supposedly, elected based on a manifesto. A predefined and public set of positions on matters of public concern, allowing voters to decide which candidate or candidates would fit best with their ideology. Given that politicians compete for such public support, any political or personal belief is subject to questioning, whether it be their favorite ice cream, their opinion on whether clothing for dogs is cute or terrifying, or whether they would tear apart the branches of government.

To answer any such question with “no, they don’t deserve to know” demonstrates an unconscionable level of arrogance for which there should be no return. Biden, whether intentionally or not, has shown how he views the American people. With Biden, you have to buy before you can try. The fact that the engine doesn’t work is not his problem.

Let’s not forget his infamous interaction earlier this year with Jerry Wayne, a Michigan autoworker who dared to ask Biden his views on gun control. Biden berated Wayne, telling him he was “full of sh*t,” called him a “horse’s ass,” and said, “I’m not working for you.”

There is no difference between “I’m not working for you” and “they don’t deserve to know.” Every single “public servant” is just that, a servant of the public. Joe Biden wants to “lead us,” not “work for us.” That’s a dangerous difference.

Ian Haworth is host of The Ian Haworth Show and The Truth in 60 Seconds. Follow him on Twitter at @ighaworth.

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