Another Haitian Migrant Caravan Leaving For Border In Two Weeks: ‘We Are Ready For War’

Texas is bracing for an influx of 60,000 Haitian migrants, expected this week, but another caravan of Haitians has already crossed into southern Mexico, and its leader — an American — is vowing to lead the migrants to the United States-Mexico border, leaving in just over two weeks.

“A migrant advocate in Southern Mexico says a Haitian caravan will depart for the U.S. border from Tapachula around Oct. 25 – with or without clearance from Mexico,” Border Report noted earlier this week, adding that the advocate, Irineo Mujica, is an American citizen who works with the nonprofit Pueblo Sin Fronteras, or “People Without Borders.”

In a video posted to social media, Mujica declares “war” on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We are leaving in 20 days,” he said. “We prefer to march with papers. […] And this time, with papers or without papers, we are ready for war. If the National Guard comes and they are cowardly enough to beat women and children, let them prepare because God’s hand is with us.”

He appears to be referencing the Texas National Guard and other National Guards from other states, who have been deployed to the border by mostly Republican governors in order to help manage the ongoing immigration crisis and back up the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

So far, though, Mexican authorities have held off this new migrant caravan, stranding them in southern Mexico, and the “migrants and their advocates have been holding rallies and marches in Tapachula in recent days, according to local media,” and per Border Report.

Mexican authorities have been policing their own southern border; the Daily Wire reported last month that the Mexican government broke up at least one caravan, made up mostly of Central Americans but including Haitians, intercepting them in the same border city of Tapachula and turning the illegal immigrants back across the border. As of early September, there were 55,000 migrants in shelters in Tapachula, awaiting processing.

News of another migrant caravan come closely on the heels of a report that 60,000 Haitian migrants are making their way through Central American and could arrive at the U.S. border as early as this week, sending Texas authorities scrambling.

“Texas government and law enforcement leaders have stepped up efforts to make up for the federal government’s absence, and leaders spent the weekend preparing for a possible rush of more than 60,000 Haitian migrants,” the Washington Examiner noted. “Most of the Haitians have traveled from South America to cross the border rather than traveling to a port of entry.”

“The number of Haitian migrants headed to the U.S. could be four times the size of the group that made it across in Del Rio last month, leading to chaos as 15,000 people camped out under an international bridge waiting to be taken into federal custody,” the outlet noted.

The Biden administration scrambled to process approximately 15,000 migrants that appeared at the U.S. border near Del Rio, Texas, and formed a makeshift camp under a bridge earlier this month, prompting harsh criticism from Republicans — and even some Democrats.

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